Basalt handpick

Basalt cubes

Natural Basalt cubes

Color: dark grey, black

Usage: Pavers, paving, flooring

Other name: stone, basalt, black basalt, basalt cubic, basalt cobbles

Basalt cubes is 100% natural stone

Origin: Vietnam

Technical specifications:

- Compression strength (MPa): 289,65

- Bending strength after Free-Unfreeze testing (MPa): 27.22 (-15%)

- Abrasive resistance: 15.70

- Density (g/cm3): 2.81

- Water absorption (%): 0.76

Vinastone are one of top 5 leading manufacturer and exporter of natural basalt cubes (bazalt, basalto, basalte) in Vietnam.

Basalt cubes have been widely used for roads, squares, sidewalks and gardens. There are two kinds of basalt cubes: all sides handpick/natural, top flamed & 5 sides handpick/natural. The most popular sizes of basalt cubes are 8x8x8cm, 10x10x5cm, 10x10x8cm, 20x10x10cm, 14x14x12cm, 15x15x12cm. We can produce basalt cubes up to your requested sizes. Basalt cubes are packed in loose container or in wooden crates.

Basalt cubes is 100% natural stone and hand made. Basalt quarry is located at Ga Lai, Vietnam

Brand Name: Vinastone

Basalt cubes is shipped from Quy Nhon port, Vietnam

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