In recent times, Mosaic natural stone has been becoming a favorite trend in interior design, especially backsplash. Kitchen backsplash designs make the kitchen look beautiful and complete, as the beauty lies not only in the countertops, layout, painting and utensils. The kitchen looks traditional or modern due to backsplash, where the owners can be creative according to hobbies and characters.

A modern kitchen backsplash with mosaic natural stone is absolutely stunning and glossy that perfectly. There are many modern kitchen backsplash designs which are so attractive and envy many eyes.


This glassy kitchen with thick glass countertop, and green and white checked backsplash is matched together. What a green, transparent, fresh space!


Many will favor a rustic model of kitchen backsplash and this is one such model for those kinds of lovers. Tumbled limestone backsplash in wooden attire within an arched furnace for cooking. Brown wooden floors and cupboards make it look traditional and attractive.


White is one of the most common colors found in many houses either in living room or bedrooms, but did you know that white color kitchens would look classic and chic? Look at the white granite backsplash and white chipped countertops with white cupboards, making it look very good.

Let us take a look at some pictures of Mosaic natural stone in kitchen.





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