Natural stone mosaic is known as a decorative material suitable for walls, floors, countertops, stairs … Wherever it is applied, natural stone mosaic is always a highlight for the space. In 2015 natural stone mosaic is expected to bring freshness to kitchen space by decorating the kitchen backsplash.

Natural stone Mosaic with small size chips in dark-bright colors gives some sparkles like the stars on the backsplash. Space becomes brighter with gold granite kitchen countertop.
The combination of colors and materials of kitchen cabinets, kitchen backsplash and kitchen countertop created a harmonious beauty. The uneven surface brought about a 3D look for the backsplash.
A modern kitchen design with white walls and windows. Black kitchen countertop made a strong contrast with the white mainstream. Backsplash was decorated with mosaic stone in fancy brown tones. The kitchen looked cool with some little green pots.
Kitchen backsplash in neutral colors contributed to the simple beauty of the kitchen. The room was nicer with the yellow granite kitchen countertop.
Grey backsplash was in line with the grey color of the cabinets. Lights were well arranged to generate a reasonable color effects from the Mosaic stone pieces, creating decorative highlight for the kitchen.
Natural Stone Mosaic in cream color with small tumbled size chips were skillfully combined with glass motifs to have a lovely kitchen backsplash

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